Sunday, March 1, 2009

All About Ollie

As promised, here is more about our new addition! Ollie was born on December 1 and has been the most easy-going baby (a good balance with Alice, luckily for me!). Vital stats: 8 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long and born at 2:46 p.m. We are so blessed that he is a wonderfully healthy and happy boy. Today was Ollie's blessing and we had lots of loving family members come to attend it. We missed those who couldn't come - sorry for the late notice! I basically forgot about it until a week in advance.

Curtis, Kelli, our Alice, Audrey, Chris and baby Molly, Tyler, Ollie, Kathy, Grandma Diane, Grandpa Doug (Mom & Dad to me), Grandma Lota, Kjerstin and Clark. Steve, Sharon, Kristen and Annie came to the blessing but had to go to their own church afterwards. The highlights are a little blown with Ollie's white outfit, but I'm planning to get a photo of him in his blessing outfit soon - today he slept from when we got home until we took this picture - then we changed him for feeding time.

Grandma Lota read to Alice.

The photo I did get of Ollie

Sweet cousin Molly in the sweater I knit for her (thanks, Auds!)

Clark with the spread

We got more great pictures, so if you would like them in an email, let us know! You can also click on any of the above for a closer view.

Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who helped us with food and desserts! We had a great day and are lucky to have so many wonderful family members. On the 30th this month, Alice and Ollie's Grammie, Papa and Uncle Luke are coming to visit and we are very excited for that!