Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night Swimming

Yesterday was rainy and cold, but today I promised to take the kids swimming if they were good (which they were). Cleaning the kitchen and having Ollie down for a nap whittled away the hours and soon it was six. Not wanting to lie to the children, we started to gather up swim suits, but ran into the inevitable mode of getting sidetracked by emails and kids' needs.

Finally at 7:30, we made it to the pool. It was a little chilly, but still warm enough that once everyone got used to it there were no complaints and no shivers. Alice motored around with her special brand of doggie paddle that looks like she's drowning (I really need to get it on video before it's too late) and Ollie loved jumping off the side into my arms ("Jup! Jup!" he says). After a while I put one kid on each hip and we twirled and danced. We had the pool to ourselves so it was okay that I looked ridiculous.

Next, Alice decided she wanted to jump off the edge. "Little froggy!" she yelled as she jumped and I said, "You are a little froggy!"

"No, Mom, little froggy over there!"

A quick Google images search tells me it was likely a Cricket Frog (acris crepitans) like this

Sure enough there was a frog floating in the pool. Of course, my first throught was, "I hope it's not dead." Fortunately, it wasn't, but it would seem a likely state for the little guy in the near future if he stayed stuck in the chlorinated pool.

Normally I am not squeamish, but the idea of trying to grab the frog gave me visions of me as Lennie Small maiming the poor thing instead of helping it. However, a combination of too many episodes of Wonder Pets at our house and haunting memories of accidentally killing a bunch of frogs when I was 121 instilled in me a determination to get the frog out of the pool. I tried for a while to guide the frog with a pool noodle to no avail until I finally remembered that the pool has a net for fishing leaves out.

At first, the frog merely sat on the bottom of the pool and ignored my ever-so-gentle prodding and provoking, but I eventually was able to catch him up in the net and take him near the edge of the pool's patio area. We swam a little longer then left by way of the mailbox and I made a mental note to always check the pool for dead creatures so I can take care of them before the kids have a chance to freak out.

1I caught about 15 miniature frogs at girls' camp my first year. I put them in a jar full of water and only the one that was able to win a game of King of the Mountain and sit on the only above-water protrusion survived. I was mortified and dumped them all in the woods.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Big Craft Show & A Giveaway!

Audrey and I have reserved a booth at Peach Days! I need your help and advice so I can make more of my most popular items. Help me out and get an entry in my giveaway. Thanks!!!

Details here:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

All About Ollie

As promised, here is more about our new addition! Ollie was born on December 1 and has been the most easy-going baby (a good balance with Alice, luckily for me!). Vital stats: 8 lbs 5 oz, 21 inches long and born at 2:46 p.m. We are so blessed that he is a wonderfully healthy and happy boy. Today was Ollie's blessing and we had lots of loving family members come to attend it. We missed those who couldn't come - sorry for the late notice! I basically forgot about it until a week in advance.

Curtis, Kelli, our Alice, Audrey, Chris and baby Molly, Tyler, Ollie, Kathy, Grandma Diane, Grandpa Doug (Mom & Dad to me), Grandma Lota, Kjerstin and Clark. Steve, Sharon, Kristen and Annie came to the blessing but had to go to their own church afterwards. The highlights are a little blown with Ollie's white outfit, but I'm planning to get a photo of him in his blessing outfit soon - today he slept from when we got home until we took this picture - then we changed him for feeding time.

Grandma Lota read to Alice.

The photo I did get of Ollie

Sweet cousin Molly in the sweater I knit for her (thanks, Auds!)

Clark with the spread

We got more great pictures, so if you would like them in an email, let us know! You can also click on any of the above for a closer view.

Thanks to everyone who came and to everyone who helped us with food and desserts! We had a great day and are lucky to have so many wonderful family members. On the 30th this month, Alice and Ollie's Grammie, Papa and Uncle Luke are coming to visit and we are very excited for that!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cousin Molly is Here!

The kids' first cousin (yes, first first cousin) on Kathy's side was born on Tuesday. You can see pics of the little doll here and here.

Which reminds me that our blog is terribly un-updated and we don't even have any mention of our own Oliver born on December 1st. Soon I will flood the feed with updates from the last 6 months.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Happens When Mommy Tries to Shower

Today, Mommy tried to sneak in a shower since it had been 2 1/2 days.

Of course, Alice's time-for-trouble radar instantly went off even though she was completely occupied with her pony toys.

She even managed to get some mascara on her eyelashes.

At least she took off her clothes first!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Summer Fun!

Here is Alice after throwing a tantrum in the food tent of the local summer festival.

Here is Alice sliding shortly after the tantrum. I guess she gets what she wants sometimes :D.

Here is Alice riding the carousel and wearing the new dress we bought at the festival.

Here is a video of the carousel!

Here is Alice climbing the stairs in the climbing/sliding funhouse.

Here she is on the bridge.

Here are Alice and Tyler at the park on another day.

Ready to slide!

And done!

Alice loves the park!



Playing with "stamps"

Ready to stay at Kramer's hotel

Little starlet!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alice Goes to the Farm

On the eighth of this month, we took Alice to the local farm-exhibity-petting-zoo. She really loved it and liked saying "hi" to all of the animals.
Here she is saying hi to the baby chicks.
Here she is saying hi to the cows that were hiding in the back.
Here she is saying hi to the alpaca.
Here she is riding the pony!